The Benefits of Banana Peel

Banana Peel benefits
Bananas have many health benefits for our bodies. Never knew about the benefits of a banana peel? Here are the health benefits of the banana skin, so do not ever throw it away,
  • Banana skin good for skin care. Banana peels can be used to eliminate acne.
  • Psoriasis is a skin disease that most commonly occurs in humans. Fortunately, peel bananas can heal naturally.
  • Apparently the banana peel is also effective in eliminating minor skin warts. Usually, this treatment takes about 10 days.
  • Vegetable oils contained in the banana peel has a certain compound is efficacious as a pain reliever. Stick the banana skin clean and fresh to relieve pain in burns or scratches, it could be to relieve the itching of the wound is dry because the cover of the hardened dead skin.
  • Another benefit of a banana skin is able to cure headaches. Have never know? Banana peel finely ground and placed on the forehead apparently potent cure headaches. Banana peel also removes wrinkles powerful. Mashed banana peel until smooth, then put on the skin wrinkled.
  • Eliminating mosquito bite. Small children often scratch the bites. The habit was often leave scars. The best benefit of the banana skin is to relieve itching from mosquito bites.
  • Not just to mix compost banana peels can be directly deposited into the ground just to fertilize the plants around it. Banana peel contains potassium which is needed in plant growth.
  • That to-8 is really unique, it turns out banana peels can also be used to polish shoes are pretty, and can also be used to polish some ornamental plants like anthodium, waves of love, and the like.
  • And finally, the banana peel was also able to purify water of heavy metal such as lead (BP), copper (Cu), and others. Describes how to peel a banana to work to purify the water.
Skin Benefits of Bananas to Purify Water of Metals

Banana peels that will be used to purify water only need to be chopped into small pieces and put into the water. Naturally, heavy metals such as lead and copper will be absorbed by the fibers found on a banana peel. Even minced banana peels can be used up to 11 times without losing its ability to absorb heavy metals.

Heavy metal pollutants are harmful to the environment and health.

Lead (BP), for example, can inhibit the synthesis of hemoglobin or red blood substances that interfere with the function of nerves and other organs. In children, lead can inhibit the growth of brain cells and lower levels of intelligence while growing up.

Meanwhile, other heavy metals, namely copper (Cu) if it accumulates in the human body can lead to hardening of the liver (cirrhosis) and kidney damage. Copper can also accumulate in the nerve tissue and corneas, thus damaging the function of vision.

To purify water of heavy metals, the current technology is generally very expensive and less affordable public. While natural filter researched and proven effective include waste coconut husks and peanut shells. Here are some health benefits of banana peel. So, do not waste banana peels carelessly. In addition to harming others, banana peels you know it has many benefits.

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