Banana Eating : Positive and Negative

Those bananas have many health benefits either consumed directly as well as those already in the form of processed ready meals. Eating a banana is also good for digestive health as a deterrent difficult Toilet. However, of the myriad benefits of a banana turns out there are a negative side has. In addition contains a lot of potassium ions, a source of calories, and fiber, bananas also contain tyramine.

Tyramine is a substance that has the effect of vascular vasoconstriction or narrowing of blood vessels that can directly lead to less blood flow. Therefore, for patients with migraine disease, stroke, and heart disease patients should avoid eating bananas also other processed products are made ​​from bananas. Especially for people with heart disease actually require potassium in the bananas, but you should only consume other fruits that contain potassium as coconut water.

Carbohydrate content in bananas will give you more energy for the body. Fiber in bananas can help control hunger longer and can reduce body fat and overcome constipation.  Bananas also contain vitamin B6, which are believed to help reduce depression. For those who suffer from anemia also need to eat this fruit because bananas contain a lot of iron. If you want to lose weight should eat 6 bananas every day. In addition to be used as a snack, this fruit can be a dessert option.

Health experts discovered a daily potassium intake of 1.600mg or less than half the recommended daily amount of potassium for adults at 3.500mg. The amount is sufficient to reduce the risk of stroke more than a fifth. The average banana contains 500mg of potassium can lower blood pressure and controls the balance of body fluids.

Scientists from the University of Warwick and Naples said potassium intake in most countries is well below the recommended daily amount. Meanwhile, too little potassium can lead to irritability, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and diarrhea. However, if you eat foods rich in potassium and reducing salt intake, the annual global death toll from strokes could be reduced by more than one million per year.
Scientists said in a report, "This can reduce as much as 1.155 million deaths from stroke each year on a global scale."

"High blood pressure is the biggest driving factor of stroke, and research has shown that potassium can help lower blood pressure," said a spokesman for the Stroke Association. It’s time to schedule a regular basis our families to eat a banana, to get the maximum results for health.