How Much Protein in Banana

Keeping a healthy life by consuming healthy food is not so hard if you know what kind of foods that you have to eat. The vegetables and the fruits is indeed the main source of the vitamins and minerals that you might need to keep your body fit. One of the most healthy fruit is the banana which is also one of the fruits that is almost available anywhere. And banana is very healthy not only because of the vitamins, but also the protein in banana is very good to keep the body stay healthy and energized. A banana contains between 1.1 g and 1.66 g of protein, depending on its size.

The benefit of consuming the protein in banana

Human body needs the protein in banana in order to be able to grow and maintain the healthy condition of the whole body. The protein contained in this fruit is very important especially for the kids and teens that are still in the growing age. The protein banana is also consumed by the bodybuilder because the minerals in it make it possible for the muscle to grow more. That is why we can see many athletes are required to consume healthy foods including banana in their daily diet.

The protein in banana is also essential to maintain the fitness of the body, regardless of the age. Every piece of the bananas contains the potassium which is a very important compound for the body. When someone does the heavy workload or some sport activities, the body tends to loss the electrolyte that keeps the body fresh and fit. And the potassium of banana will be able to replace that electrolyte and refresh the whole condition of the body. So, some bananas after doing hard activities will replenish the good health condition of the body.

Aside of those health effects, protein in banana can also affect the mental condition of the consumers. This could be caused by the effect of the protein that will help the body to synthesize the serotonin hormones. This kind of hormones is the thing that will control the mood of someone and get rid of the depression and stress.

The healthy and delicious recipes to enjoy banana

Banana already has a very good and sweet taste even though you do not process the fruit. But if you want to enjoy the fruit more and get the good effect from the protein in banana, you can try to make the banana into the kind of foods that you like. This way, you can enjoy the bananas more without having to worry about breaking your dietary menus.

The easiest way you can do is to make the banana pie that contains high level of protein in banana. You can do this simple by preparing the flour and the sugar as much as you like them. Mix them with the eggs and some milk. The mixing should be done until the texture is soft as the taste is great. Chop or mash the bananas that you will need to make the pie. Pour the banana into the mixing and mix them until you get the great taste of the whole mixing. Put them in the preheated oven until it fully cooked, and your banana pie is ready to be enjoyed.